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Powderfinger share their last song ever written

Aussie rock icons Powderfinger have long held the title of one of our land’s most revered bands, which is why it was so sad to see them go when they called it a day in 2010 (a decade ago now, which should make us all feel very old.) Consisting of vocalist Bernard Fanning, guitarists Darren Middleton and Ian Haug, bass guitarist John Collins and drummer Jon Coghill, each member made a place for themselves in the hearts of Aussie music fans forever.

Given that, it should come as a lovely surprise today that the band have shared their last song ever written, ‘Daybreak’. Its release marks the tenth anniversary of Powderfinger’s final concert, a thoughtful scheduling which coincides with the anniversary release of their seminal fourth studio album Odyssey Number Five to boot. Moreover, in two weeks, Powderfinger will release a new album, Unreleased, of unearthed material that is only just now seeing the light of day. It represents their first new record in a decade, featuring ‘Daybreak’ in addition to previously released track ‘Day By Day’.

“The mix of ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Daybreak’ – they’re two of the best sounding songs we’ve recorded,” frontman Bernard Fanning notes. “It sounds like a studio record,” he adds. “Coincidentally, it kind of wraps everything up really well. It’s the last thing we did and it has elements of most of the things that we did.” 

Fanning goes on to explain that some of the tracks on Unreleased were “always earmarked for release at some stage”, in addition to intentionally not being used as B-sides as the band “thought they were too good.” He continues: “I feel like this is how we ended up looking through our old material, where we discovered other unreleased gems”.

‘Unreleased’ is set to drop on November 27. You can pre-order it here.