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Peach PRC absolutely destroys her ex on new single

It’s on an extremely rare occasion that half your audience already knows your song word-for-word before it comes out. That was the case with long-awaited single ‘Josh’ shared by Aussie pop savant Peach PRC today, which gained traction on Tik Tok way before its official distribution. Over 1 million followers on the platform have been incredibly invested in her journey to finally getting the song out, making it a shared victory for all that we finally get to stream it on official platforms from today.

Alongside the single is the announcement that Peach has signed to Island Records Australia, a promising sign that there’s a lot more sonically coming on the horizon. She’s the icon that we genuinely need, candidly journalling her experiences through Tik Tok, from dealing with mental health to relationships to sexist assholes to buying things and having nowhere to wear them.

“I’ve been wanting to put out this song forever,” she noted in reference to the tune. “It’s very special to me, because it captured a real moment. I was a bit down when I was writing one day. My ex, Josh, kept calling me over and over again. He called all of the time, because he was trying to get back with me. I thought I had blocked him though. Since he didn’t stop bothering me, I wrote the song about him. It’s a true story, but it’s still meant to be fun and colourful.” If you can’t wait for more, you can also check out Peach’s prior released tracks, ‘Blondes‘ and ‘Colourblind‘, as well as running a little stalk of her feed, where you can catch some originals, some covers and some pearls of wisdom. She also got called out by Yungblud recently for laying a belter of a verse over his single ‘Parents’, which you can vibe to right here.

Listen to Peach PRC annihilate her ex below.