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Oli Sykes jumps on collab with Lotus Eater

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has been busy lately teasing the band’s new material, in addition to lending his vocals to a recent collaboration with pop icon Olivia O’Brien. Now, Sykes has transported us all the way back to the glory days of metalcore with his contribution to ‘Obliterate’, the new single from Glasgow heavyweights Lotus Eater.

Speaking on the new single, Lotus Eater’s Cameron Humphrey notes that it “revolves around traumatic experiences, learning from the hurt and using it as fuel for our green-tinged inferno,” adding that having “the opportunity to collaborate with our friend and idol Oli Sykes truly allowed us to bring this track to a level never seen before. We will always be grateful.”

The song is taken from the act’s forthcoming album Where the Body Goes, set to be unleashed next month. Humphrey goes on to describe the album as “the newest soundtrack to our ever-changing motion picture.” He continues: “Beginning to end, we looked deep within ourselves to create a body of work that truly represents the emotional connection we have with modernity. The plethora of struggles and emotional discomfort mixed with total euphoria blends to create what we feel to be our greatest creation yet.”

From the Bring Me The Horizon camp, it appears that we’ll be seeing new music sooner rather than later, as Sykes and the gang continue to share snippets from the studio. They’ve tagged alt sensation Poorstacy and faceless YouTuber/musician CORPSE in the proceedings, so it’s safe to say that we’re about to see something from Bring Me The Horizon that we’ve never seen before. Head to their TikTok to keep up, and you might catch Sykes copping a verse on whatever’s trending if you’re lucky.

Check out the new single from Lotus Eater below.

Where the Body Goes is out on July 23 via Hopeless Records.