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New data reveals Sony’s PlayStation is the most desired console

The console war is in full flight, with Sony and Microsoft battling it out for supremacy with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X respectively. Both consoles are in high demand, with pre-orders selling out in record time and resellers already trying to flog these new gaming machines for triple the price on the internet.

While Microsoft might have a slight edge with the Series X hitting stores a week before the PS5, recent research points to Sony having the preferred console of choice. UK marketing company Rise At Seven have revealed the PS5 has a massive share of the worldwide gaming market already and is looking to be the early winner sales-wise.

Using “global search data and online market share”, Rise At Seven found Sony has the market covered, with a whopping 84% of gamers preferring the PS5 over the Series X. Of the 161 countries included in the research, a staggering 148 are PlayStation fans, with both 57% of Americans and British gamers wanting to get their hands on the PS5. As for Australia, we also love the PS5, with 61.67% of gamers hoping to secure one on release day.

Surprisingly, the Xbox Series X is big in some of the world’s smaller countries, with Afghanistan (90.72%) and American Samoa (77%) two of the highest markets for the next-gen console, while Japan (98.94%) and Denmark (81.24%) are the countries with the biggest PS5 following.

The figures are in line with previous surveys, with Sony dominating Microsoft for a number of years since the release of the PS4. It turns out an incredible 113.7 million PS4s have been sold worldwide, more than double the 48.38 million Xbox Ones.

Of course, this data doesn’t mean that the PS5 is the better console, just more in demand. We will have to wait until both are released before we can make that judgement, but as Sony loyals, well – you know where our hearts lie.

You can find more information about the study by visiting Rise At Seven. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X drops November 10 and Sony’s PlayStation 5 November 12.