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Ted Lasso

The most wholesome underdog of 2020 returns in second season trailer for Ted Lasso

In amongst the overtly exploitative documentaries, sex-fuelled young adult dramas, The Crown, and other pop culture monoliths that dominated our captive screentime throughout 2020, there was a comparatively small nugget of wholesome gold named Ted Lasso.

As unassuming and endearing as the series eponymous lead, the Apple TV+ original didn’t become a screaming success or some GIF-out viral moment. Instead, it was a liferaft, a shining beacon of positivity from the mind of SNL godsend Jason Sudeikis, which guided viewers to some goddamn good feels with no strings attached.

Seriously, ask that one friend in each group that seems to have watched it. The above contains not a word of hyperbole. But it’s easy to cast aside nice things. We get it, dear reader, we too have been burned. But it’s too late for you, with Apple TV+ locking in the arrival of the second season of Ted Lasso and come Friday, 23rd July, we can all feel warm and fuzzy once more.

The series follows the exploits of Lasso, an IRL Ned Flanders type, and American football coach who crosses the pond to captain a flailing English Premier League team, Richmond. Flanked by his man-of-few-words/moral compass coaching assistant (Brendan Hunt), Lasso bursts into the lives of a dreary lot with all the panache of the Kool-Aid Man. And to be honest, that dreary lot includes us, the viewers.

The first season left Lasso and his co-stars, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Juno Temple, Brett Goldstein, Phil Dunster, and Nick Mohammed in somewhat of a sticky sitch regarding relegation, which will no doubt be where the second one picks up.

The best part is that Ted Lasso is as much for soccer fans as Scrubs is for medical students, which is funny, seeing as the series includes heavy involvement from Scrubs creator, Bill Lawrence. Sports fans of all sorts can expect two episodes to drop on Friday, 23rd July, scoring a new episode each week after that.

Watch the official trailer below.