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Listen to Keir Gilchrist’s recommended heavy shit

In case no one has told you yet, actor Keir Gilchrist is more than meets the eye. With an extensive filmography tracking back to co-starring with Emma Roberts in 2010’s It’s Kind of a Funny Story, leading the charge in indie horror in 2014’s It Follows and heading up a Netflix classic in current show Atypical, you’d think he’d have enough on his plate. Surprisingly, he doesn’t – he also fronts grindcore outfit Whelm and death metal group Phalanx.

With the impact of COVID-19 on our scene, Gilchrist made a playlist of some of his favourite heavy tracks with a message of support to those that are struggling. “Tried to focus on bands that are currently active”, he notes. “This is a very difficult time for musicians. Especially those that had to cancel upcoming tours and events. If you dig any of the bands on the playlist and are in a position to help them out financially please buy some merch or music.”

It comes as Australia’s own 24Hundred donated stock to their artists last week, selling it on their website with all proceeds going directly to the bands. “Most of us know that for many artists touring is their main source of revenue”, the merch powerhouse stated, “and we appreciate you supporting them any way possible in what is a testing time for everybody.” With a corresponding message applicable to all musicians right now, they asked supporters to “consider purchasing music and merch knowing more money is headed straight into their pocket”.

With 127 new COVID-19 cases hitting NSW overnight at the time of publishing, Aussies continue to be encouraged to practice social distancing in addition to staying in place except for when carrying out essential tasks like purchasing food and supplies, seeking medical care, exercising or working. The restrictions, which have crippled so many industries including ours, have been put into place indefinitely, so it’s safe to say that if you’re thinking about supporting artists, there’s no better time than now.

Check out Gilchrist’s playlist below.