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EKKSTACY shares indie punk collab with The Drums

Self-described “indie star” and rapidly rising icon EKKSTACY is doing a better job at writing sad rock jams at the age of 19 than those who have being doing it for decades, partly because of the authenticity and conviction that he brings to everything that he does. With his knack for a hell of a track in mind, his new Spotify Single ‘f*ck everything!’ that dropped today supports his pursuit of continuing on his upwards trajectory, a collab he worked on in partnership with Jonny Pierce of New York band The Drums.

“We wanted to write a track that was brutal when it came to the lyrics, and gorgeous when it came to the music,” says Pierce on the intentions of the pair with the single. “It’s my favorite combination, dancing in a stark reality. Instead of getting lost in my dancing, I want to dance in my lostness.” As beautifully articulate as Pierce’s words are, EKKSTACY does manage to sum it up more concisely, concluding that “‘f*ck everything’ is an indie punk song to make you sad and sh*t.” Continuing in a behind-the-scenes conversation, he adds: “I don’t like working with people. But Jonny has kind of helped me change that.”

The new release forms part of Spotify’s Fresh Finds program, an initiative by the brand that’s designed to support independent artists by giving them the tools and educational resources that they need to have behind them to set themselves up for long-term success. EKKSTACY is a member of the initial Class of Fresh Finds, alongside Wallice, Unusual Demont and Julia Wolf.

If you want to hear more, you can also check out the previous singles that have launched EKKSTACY to over 600,000 monthly streams on Spotify, including ‘i want to be by your side‘, ‘i walk this earth all by myself‘ and ‘uncomparable‘.

Check out ‘f*ck everything!’ featuring The Drums below.