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Death Bells share details for new record

Heralding from their home base of Sydney but now occupying Los Angeles, post-punk duo Death Bells are no strangers to making grand gestures in the name of art. With the announcement of their upcoming album, New Signs of Life, today, the band share its eponymous and over-the-top first cut, which is endearingly influenced by the theme song of HBO’s 2000’s television program Six Feet Under.

The classic vintage show centres on the dramatic lives of a family that run a funeral home in Death Bells’ current location of California. It has a tangible influence on the video the band have shared, which is soundtracked by an even better tune that ushers in a new era for the outfit.

“We started writing ‘New Signs of Life’ in Calgary whilst on tour around this time last year”, members Will Canning and Remy Veselis explain. “More than anything, the song is about resilience in the face of change.” The band add that the song embodies a “very deliberate statement” for them, foreshadowing their vision for the future and setting the tone for “what’s to come musically” from Death Bells.

Speaking of what’s to come, the new record is set to drop on the 25th of September via Dais Records. It represents the next chapter in a discography currently boasting an EP, first album and a couple of stray singles, which all led up to New Signs of Life, a long-player three years in the making. Since forming in 2015, the two-piece made the move to Los Angeles, California in 2018, to continue to pursue what has become Death Bells’ current form. In that time, they’ve stayed truly focused and relatively quiet, emerging from hibernation only now to share something fully baked and truly fitting for 2020.

Check out the title track from New Signs of Life below.