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Crossfaith announce new EP

Proponents of heavy Crossfaith have been teasing a new offering since February single ‘Endorphin’, so fans should be pleased with the news today. The revered act heralding from Japan will release the five track SPECIES EP on May 22, including new single ‘Digital Parasite’ which is out now.

“I felt an explosion from the song and I knew the lyrics should be aggressive and offensive,” noted frontman Ken Koie on the second single from SPECIES. It centres on “people selling their soul to get fame.” Koie expands on the band’s admirable philosophy, which has singled them out to their audience as authentic from the get go. “We need to be honest to the music, to ourselves and to our audience but some people are happy to start cheating and I don’t care for it.”

In typical Crossfaith fashion, that aggression is also channelled towards the greater situation around us. Not ones to shy away, ‘Truth of Insanity’ sees the band turn their attention to a call to arms for action in their home country. “In Japan, there are so many contradictions from the government”, Koie explains. “There will always be a minority of people who only think about themselves but we can fight. We can think. This song is a trigger to start a war against the world of contradiction.”

If that doesn’t excite you enough, the metallic cross-bearers have more surprises in-store for your first listen of the extended play, including a collaboration with Osaka rapper Jin Dogg and a closing track they modestly describe as “the most emotional Crossfaith song of all time.”

“I believe this EP will set the course for the band for the next ten years”, Koie has prophesised. “We’ve already started making more new music. We’re not going to stop.”

Listen to ‘Digital Parasite’ below.