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Congrats celebrates EP announcement with new single

If you keep up with us, you know we’re committed fans of Aussie band Slowly Slowly. It follows, given his music’s place in our hearts, that frontman Ben Stewart’s other project, Congrats, should be equally as lauded, with new single ‘Overthink’ featuring Kwasi out now. The single is drawn from the forthcoming Congrats EP Pharaoh, which will be out on April 23. You can check out the rollercoaster of a video below.

Congrats is an alternative outlet for Stewart’s experimentation with his pop sensibilities, after channeling most of his musical expression through the punk/rock/hardcore outlet that is Slowly Slowly. Speaking on this new single in particular, Stewart describes the recording session as “how all songs should be written.” He continues: “It’s the music I want to be making; it doesn’t sound like anything else and yet feels familiar & classic.” Referring to his collaboration with Stewart, Kwasi echoes the sentiment, adding “the process of writing ‘Overthink’ was cathartic for me. A nice escape from the bullshit. The fact that the song is coming out is just a cherry on top.”

And what a song – and clip – it is. Director Kyle Caulfield encapsulates the concept of the visuals as intended “to create a timeless, engaging world.” Stewart and Kwasi both appear to be shamelessly enjoying themselves, though Stewart caveats that it was a simultaneously humbling experience. “Having to groove in the middle of a packed park on a sunny day or in front a blue wall on a packed street can really test your confidence with bystanders looking in”, he cautions.  “I admire Kwasi and Kyle for the unrelenting confidence they had the entire time we were filming – we had a ball.”

You can chew on Congrats’ prior singles, ‘Russian Roulette‘ and ‘Lobotomy‘ in the lead-up to Pharaoh dropping next month.

Check out the clip for ‘Overthink’ below.