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Black Coast mark next chapter with fresh cut ‘Paradise’

At one stage or another in all of our lives, we’ll encounter a moment of realising that we’re trapped in a cycle that isn’t benefiting us. Be it addiction, a toxic relationship or a shitty job pleasing self-righteous assholes, the best of us ultimately pivot to remain on the right path for ourselves and our loved ones. That’s what new single ‘Paradise’ from British nu-metal outfit Black Coast centres on, which you can now watch the clip for below.

“It’s about questioning myself,” vocalist Charlie Hewitt deftly explains, adding “why did I think being a certain way, a way that destroyed myself, should be celebrated?” It’s hard to imagine an adult coming of age without undergoing that same experience, trying to reconcile how we perceive the world around us and what we’re supposed to be doing with how it’s actually impacting both who we are and who we care about.

He continues: “Things in life do that to everyone at some point and dependent [on] how people deal with them is how they move forwards. l almost revelled in this state for so long, thinking the way that l was being was okay when it was just making me lose everything around me slowly but surely.”

While it does represent a personal milestone for the band, the release of ‘Paradise’ also marks a critical point in Black Coast’s career. The upcomers have inked themselves a partnership with Nuclear Blast’s Distribution Arm, Blood Blast. In every which way, it’s a sign that everything’s coming up for Black Coast as they progress on the journey to releasing their debut album. Watch this space for more, but in the meantime you can jam to the new single from the Staffordshire group below.

Check out the clip for ‘Paradise’ below.