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Zheani’s new single ‘F*** The Hollywood Cult’ is no idle threat

Content Warning: This video and article contain depictions and discussions of sexual assault.

Australia’s own weaver of genre-defying sonic chaos Zheani has gone straight for the jugular this week, sharing her brand new single / video combo for ‘Fuck The Hollywood Cult’, the latest glimpse into the unholy concoction dangling precariously above our heads that is her forthcoming EP.

And while ‘Fuck The Hollywood Cult’ is on par with a recent movement from artists to take fire and aim, this moment is decidedly different in that unlike most of her peers, Zheani already has an army of followers worldwide – goddamn millions of them – making the threatening gestures within the folds of ‘Fuck The Hollywood Cult’ far from idle.

“The lyrics were first inspired by more revelations of abuse within the entertainment industry early in the year,” Zheani says of ‘Fuck The Hollywood Cult’.

“These particular revelations came as no surprise to me, open secrets like this are abound in the culture but my lack of shock did nothing to quell the rage that boiled inside of me as ugly details were brought to light. Despite being completely and intentionally isolated up a mountain in the Australian rainforest, Hollywood’s tendrils had once again forced their way into my psyche unbidden. That feeling of force is at the crux of this song and music video.”

Speaking to the overbearing presence of celebrity culture, and the seemingly insatiable desire for the average citizen to embrace it with a white-knuckled intensity, ‘Fuck The Hollywood Cult’ breaks the thin, shiny veneer before holding up the grim, empty reality of this obsession.

The song is aggressive, snarling and above all else, important.

All too often artists with important messages are left shouting them into the void, but not Zheani. In no time at all, the trap-metal-rapper has amassed more than 13.5 million YouTube views and 12.5 million Spotify spins. Her following also manifests itself into physical form with Zheani’s debut headline Australian tour copping ‘Sold Out’ statuses within hours of announcement.

Zheani Australian 2021 Tour Dates

Tickets on sale now
Presented by Wavyland & Whatslively

Wednesday, 17th NovemberSOLD OUT
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Thursday, 18th November – SOLD OUT
The Landsdowne, Sydney

Friday, 19th November – SOLD OUT
The Toff In Town, Melbourne