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Zheani Press Shot

Zheani announces first ever Australian tour dates

There are artists that talk. Actually, there’s a lot of them. Then there are the artists who move in silence; meticulously plotting their next move, scheming in the wings in no rush to show their hand. There are considerably fewer of these artists, ones like Zheani, whose moves are so deliberate, so calculated and genius that there’s every chance we won’t notice anything is happening until it’s already upon us. Not unlike her debut Australian tour, which clocked us in the jaw from out of nowhere today.

Few artists can also lay claim to their own success quite like the fiercely independent and self-actualised Zheani. Since her inception with the 2018 EP Eight, Zheani has amassed an intimidatingly large cult following all over the world, resulting in entire merch lines being sold out in the blink of an eye and streaming numbers that would make her peers rage quit.

Casting a sonic alchemy of a dash of trap, an ear of metal, the teeth of industrial drum’n’ bass and a lock of hair from gothic electronica, Zheani has woven an unholy tapestry of singing, rapping and screaming hard-earned life lessons resulting in an authentic human heartbeat at the centre of the mystical, abstract sound and image.

“I am completely new to the live paradigm,” Zheani commented on the tour debut, “but, I am going to make sure these shows leave a burn hole in the minds of all who attend. All my gratitude to everyone who is able to come out and join in the first chapter.”

Fan-favourite and most recent release, 2020’s The Zheani Sparkes EP is set to be a key feature of the cheeky weekender tour, with tracks like the chaotically fantastic ‘Skin Walker’ being just one example of why you don’t want to fuck around with getting your hands on tickets.

Zheani Australian 2021 Tour Dates

Tickets on sale now
Presented by Wavyland & Whatslively

Wednesday, 1st September
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Thursday, 2nd September
The Landsdowne, Sydney

Friday, 3rd September
The Toff In Town, Melbourne