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Video from recent performance shows that even Trapt fans DGAF about Trapt

Look, we try our hardest to tune out the dull drone of Trapt’s presence in 2020 and focus on things of consequence. However, when the voice at the other end is so vile and hate-filled, sometimes it’s nice to remind our dear readers that the universe, more often than not, does in fact arch towards justice.

Lo and behold, such a reminder has thrust itself ‘pon us this very morn.

Overnight, video footage emerged of Trapt’s recent performance as part of the Sturgis Rally, an annul event taking place in South Dakota. Having copped severe backlash for performing at the festival, Trapt assumed the position and dug their heels in, using it at as an opportunity to further fracture their following along political lines.

When photos of their performance emerged, the band scrambled to their own defence once more, claiming that not just thousands, but fours to fives of thousands swelled in the crowd before them.

Now, per The PRP, the immutable opinion of video footage has finally emerged showing that while a handful of attendees did stand and watch Trapt’s performance, seemingly none of them wanted to be there, even during the no doubt stirring rendition of the band’s one hit, ‘Headstrong’.

Trapt was the holding music for the fans waiting for the rest of the line up, it seems.

In true MAGA bro fashion, Trapt appeared to be making the stutter-step argument knowing full well this was going to come out. They stepped back from their initial position of “4-5k” fans to “….This venue was on a huge campground…”

If you’re feeling deja vu, it’s because this style of deflection is their go-to method when faced with reality. Earlier in the year, Trapt claimed that their new album Shadow Work was shaping up to be their biggest yet, only for it to sell an alleged 600 copies. Trapt claimed a different figure, yet never produced the facts, instead ensuring us it’s absolutely smashing on Pandora. Anyway, we digress.

The festival’s sheer existence and ramifications mid-pandemic are cause for a whole article of their own. The key facts are that 250,000 attendees were expected at the event and now all of them are potential COVID-19 sleeper agents. The live music aspect was populated by Smash Mouth, Drowning Pool, Lit, Quiet Riot and several other bands with personal politics that would probably make you feel like you need to take a shower.

No doubt Trapt are already working on their deflection from the evidence. Doctored footage, perhaps? Or maybe they got ‘Headstrong’ out of the way at the start of their set to make way for all their other hits? Or maybe George Soros hired LIBS (!!) to populate the whole internet with crisis actors PURELY to take down this band? We’re excited to find out.

There is real news that needs to be covered, so it’s best that we move on. But once more the band have given us some important lessons: don’t build a brand on hate for one, and secondly, whatever their mission plan or endgame is with this whole phase, Trapt has lost. They have nothing left but angry internet words and like most do when caught in the death roll, they’re flailing for dear life in their final moments before vanishing from the zeitgeist completely.

Now, let’s let them do that over there while we live our best lives over here.