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Trapt apparently sold a mere 600 copies of their new album

It would appear that actively dividing your fanbase along social and political lines, while touting conspiracy theories from far afield and accusing George Floyd of his own death aren’t good marketing techniques, with reports today that Trapt, the US band who did just that, have managed to shift just 600 units of their new album, Shadow Work.

Of course, in true MAGA bro fashion, the band and their controversial frontman Chris Taylor Brown have denied the 600 figure currently doing the rounds. Taking to Twitter, the band suggested they sold at least 4000 copies. This was far lower than their original 5700 estimation of first week sales, but that didn’t stop them from congratulating themselves, anyway. They’re yet to provide any evidence of their claim.

The 600 figure was originally shared to Twitter by a keen eyed chart watcher, who obviously couldn’t help but compare the measly first week amount to Trapt’s esrtwhile claims that Shadow Work will ‘Probably be one of the top 5 albums that will ever exist of all time.’

It would appear it’s fallen well short of that success metric.

Trapt established Shadow Work on a marketing platform of hate, aggression and bullying, largely using statistics to try and shut down those who would challenge rather regressive views, like for instance that there is no systematic racism in North America.

Perhaps in the most bizarre marketing decision, Trapt decided to first shirtfront Ice-T on Twitter before pulling the victim card when Ice-T clapped back.

For a man who was particularly taken with the whole concept of statistics, Brown didn’t seem too willing to apply them to himself given that Trapt’s recent albums since their objectively successful self-titled have continued to perform poorer and poorer, with statistics strongly suggesting that fewer people than ever wanted a new Trapt album. Yet here we are.

So, what do we learn from this? If you’re marketing a new album, perhaps don’t rely purely on your incredibly angry, narrow and niche political views to find your buyers. There won’t be many – about 600 it appears.