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triple j Unearthed announces grant for Australian musicians

It’s an unsettling reality that the current pandemic wont just have lasting effects on the current crop of Australian musical talent; it will most likely soil the earth creating considerable difficulties for the next crop – musicians who have had to put aside their project to find more stable work in the climate.

As the traditional industry systems begin to collapse under this unprecedented pressure, it’s also an unsettling reality that the Australian music industry may not even have the wherewithal to give new artists the careful incubation they require.

In a move to help future proof Australia’s music industry, triple j Unearthed has this morning announced the Level Up Grant, a platform through which the next gen of Australian musicians can be given a hearty chunk of change to keep the wheels spinning.

The Level Up Grant will provide successful applicants with $7000 to go towards their project, whether that’s for new gear, studio hire, mixing and mastering costs or music video production.

To be a successful application you must first be either a band (indie/rock/roots/folk) a solo singer/ songwriter, a rap/R&B performer, a producer (dance/electronic arts) and what might excite the Blunt readership the most – a heavy act (metal/hardcore/punk).

The Level Up Grant has been announced as part of ABCs Fresh Start program, which “provides urgent and critical support to independent Australian producers and safeguards local content and creativity in response to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19. Applications are now open.”

In total there will be 15 Level Up grants approved. Of that, 8 will be allocated to regional applicants – one grant will be awarded to an artist from each state and territory, the announcement reads. Two grants will also be on offer for indigenous artists.

From there, you need at least 1 song up and streaming on triple j Unearthed.

All applications will be assessed by a panel of triple j experts who’ll be looking for, amongst other things, the overall potential of the project and application. In other words, you really have no excuse for not applying.

You can get cracking on your application here, but before make sure to suss out the terms and conditions here first.

We’d say good luck, but luck is for the unprepared. You got this.

Image: triple j unearthed