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Fearless At Home

5 reasons not to miss Fearless At Home

The stage has been set, albeit digitally, for this weekend’s Fearless At Home, a truly monumental occasion where -virtually- the entire roster from the iconic scene staple Fearless Records will be plugging into the interwebs and performing live for our pleasure.

Some of the biggest names from our corner of the music world will be moving to overcome the harsh realities that have become day to day life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fearless At Home will be more than a moment of respite from the current unpleasantness, it’s a call to arms for our community to band together, get through this shoulder to shoulder and provide some much needed attention and funds to those in the industry who have lost their sight of income.

While specifics are few and far between, some bands have confirmed they’ll be performing and fielding questions from fans. We pieced together a list of reasons why you don’t want to skip Fearless At Home, even if it means waking up at 5am in Australia.

High chance of new material

While nothing has been confirmed – Fearless seems hellbent on letting the mystery of At Home specifics reach fever pitch, however one thing we can be confident about is a high chance of new material. The last few weeks have been an absolute pressure cooker for anxiety, social disarray, isolation and existential dread – the four emo horsemen that lead the charge to creating powerful music.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on performances from Ice Nine Kills (who have all but confirmed it on their own), iDKHOW, Eat Your Heart Out, Volumes, The Pretty Reckless and The Plot In You for new material, given it feels about the right time for these Fearless acts to pivot to a new music cycle. And hey, don’t forget – if we’re right, you heard it hear first.

Reimagined classics

It’s also entirely likely that given the DIY home set ups many of the Fearless At Home line up will be streaming from, they’ve had to rethink some of their classic hits to work better in such an environment. Looking through the bill, it’s clear we’re going to be treated to a hefty dose of nostalgia with Plain White T’s, who are sure to serenade us with ‘Hey There Delilah’. The Almost will be able to go all the way back to 2007 to piece together their stripped back performance. The Word Alive, All That Remains, Starset and The Pretty Reckless will likely also be rising to the occasion of reworking their originals for the live stream, resulting in some objective magic we may not see again.

The charity element

Good times aside, there’s also a good cause running parallel to this weekend’s e-festival. Fearless Records have announced a partnership with international organisation Crew Nation, a global relief fund for touring crews. On the Fearless At Home website, you can purchase t-shirts and posters for the event, and all of the proceeds will go to Crew Nation, who are providing some much needed security in the face of the pandemic, and ensuring the live industry is future proofed.

Ice Nine Kills are planning…something

Which, considering this is a band who doesn’t do things in half measures, is going to be something huge. It’s a safe assumption that their undisclosed plan for the live stream will resonate with fans of their self-styled theatrecore. With the tag #40thAnniversaryOnThe9th, we know it has something to do with the Friday, The 13th slasher franchise. Per a recent teaser from the band, we also know it has something to do with new material directly related to the film. The tag #mothersday is fairly open to interpretation but is sure to get some ideas swirling in the heads of those familiar with this iconic horror.

Get a jump on your day!

The stream will be kicking off at 5am on Sunday (Mother’s Day) for Australians which, in any other context, would constitute cruel and unusual torture. However we’re in far from normal times. Science, and others who concern themselves with such things, explain in great deal how an early start is good for the system, and freeing up the day for more activities only benefits the soul.

Watching the sun rise while interacting with, and jamming out to, your favourite bands is sure to be a remarkable and rare experience. Start your day with a healthy diet of The Scene – start your day goddamn right.

Fearless At Home will kick off at 5am AEST on Sunday, 10th May. You’ll find the stream on the official Fearless YouTube after the jump.

Featuring performances from…

All That Remains
August Burns Red
Eat Your Heart Out
I Prevail
Kill The Lights
My Kid Brother
Oceans Ate Alaska
The World Alive
As It Is
Ice Nine Kills
Plain White T’s
Set It Off
The Almost
The Plot In You
The Pretty Reckless
Wage War

Plus more to come…

Don’t forget to set your alarm!