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Tori Forsyth shares new single named after Courtney Love

Tori Forsyth played a show over the weekend, so it should come as no surprise that after months of not knowing if that would ever happen again, she was in the mood to celebrate. In the classic Tori Forsyth style of being perpetually forthcoming and generous, she released her new single, ‘Courtney Love’, to coincide with the gig, which took place for the lucky crowd at Newcastle’s Wickham Park Hotel.

Forsyth noted that the fresh track was written like most of her songs, on her “lounge room floor with an acoustic guitar.” She continues: “The song quickly formed into a sort of disturbed lullaby.” To accompany the release, Forsyth has shared a video directed by Emily Avila and produced by Coralie Tapper.

On the intense clip, Avila noted that she instantly connected with Tori’s vision, adding that “with such an intimate setting and raw, unguarded emotion, we just needed to give it all time and space to fill the screen. I love the meditative quality of a one-take performance video. Tori’s heart is there, all laid out in real time, an unassuming moment that gets inside your head.”

Described as a song “dedicated to those who piss on your back and tell you it’s raining”, the cut fits into Forsyth’s personal direction of moving on from toxic relationships and turning over a new leaf. Speaking to Blunt Magazine earlier this year, Forsyth discussed re-discovering Nirvana and the epiphanies that she was led to after undergoing surgery. “I was feeling, in a weird way, motivated to just get rid of a bunch of shitty people and to go forward feeling good about music again,” she explained. Music-wise, new single ‘Courtney Love‘ and previous track ‘Down Below‘ have been the result of that personal journey.

Watch Tori Forsyth’s clip for ‘Courtney Love’ below.