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Tori Forsyth celebrates album announce with new single

When we spoke to Tori Forsyth last year, there was a great sense of purpose to what she was doing with her music. After immersing herself in the world of rock, she described her motivation to move into the next phase of her life, scattering the ashes of who she was behind her and getting the fuck on with things. Today, we see that come to fruition with the announcement of her sophomore album Provlépseis, celebrated with new single ‘All For You’.

Provlépseis means predictions in Greek,” Tori shares on the album’s nomenclature. “It’s been a while since I recorded this album and it’s interesting to interpret the lyrics with the benefit of hindsight; where I might not have really known what a few songs meant at the time, I definitely do now… I’m a pretty spiritual person, but I think that just goes to show how important it is to listen to your intuition.”

As for the peek into the record that Forsyth has shared in the form of ‘All Of You’, she aptly tweeted: “This song has punched me in the face over and over. She will be kinder to you, I promise.” Elaborating on the track’s accompanying clip, she explains that she wanted the concept “to reflect the verses in the song. Very mystical and symbolic. I wanted it to reflect parts of myself that lean into spiritualism to move through tough times. The idea of grabbing onto anything that can provide a pulse. To want something bigger and not knowing what it is, trying to trust that this too, whatever that may be shall pass.”

We at Blunt HQ know that Tori can handle anything, and even more so that what she does with this record will inspire others to be able to do the same. Don’t miss the album dropping in May, with ‘All For You’ ready and waiting to keep you company until then.

Watch the clip for ‘All For You’ below.

Provlépseis will be released on the 21st of May.