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Thornhill drop vocals only version of ‘The Dark Pool’

You may have heard that earlier this month, Melbourne outfit Thornhill released an instrumentals only version of their debut studio album The Dark Pool. For people who hate frontman Jacob Charlton, who we spoke to a few months back, it was a dream come true! But for fans of Charlton, not so much. Today, the cheeky outfit have returned to give the people what they want, with a vocals only edition of The Dark Pool that spotlights Jacob, Jacob and only Jacob.

You may have noticed that the band teased it earlier in the week, with the hope that things would start looking up for Jacob from hereon in. “We’re gonna release TDP isolated vocals soon”, Thorny stated, swearing to Christ that if Jacob doesn’t get a girlfriend out of this, they don’t know when he ever will.

On a serious note, Thornhill are actually having a cracker of a run. The Victorians dropped their debut record The Dark Pool last year, which just surpassed 10 million lifetime streams. The full-length has been spun exhaustively on triple j, especially considering that time that the station accidentally played the intro riff to ‘Lily and the Moon’ for almost five hours straight.

Thornhill were meant to play Download Festival this year before it was cancelled, so instead have been partaking in iso-banter and games of beer pong with Yours Truly. They told us prior to the pandemic that 2020 was going to be “a mystery” to them in any case. “Things are coming in, things are going. As you can imagine things are always up in the air in the music industry”, frontman Jacob and our favourite member of Thornhill commented. Since they’ve pretty much exhausted every alternative version of their album they could possibly release, hopefully the rest of the year brings some news on album #2.

Listen to Jacob shine on the vocals only version of the album below.