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The Used

The Used load-up ‘Heartwork’ for Deluxe edition release

With the dust yet to settle on there 2020 masterstroke album, The Used have revealed they aren’t done with the Hearwork sessions yet, not by a longshot, by announcing the impending release of Heartwork Deluxe, a deeper, more vivid dive into the record and all the curiosities that lay within.

Considering the original release featured 16 tracks, and a slew of impressive guests from Travis Barker, to Mark Hoppus, Caleb Shomo and Jason Aalon Butler – not to mention John Feldmann behind the desk – it’s tough to imagine the album could get any beefier, but per the bands own words, it absolutely can:

“Not a moment of our time in the studio for the Heartwork sessions was wasted. It seemed that every new day brought with it a song worth listening to. Therefore, we are beyond proud to present to you all of the songs that didn’t make the record; the entirety of the session.  With love, THE USED

Heartwork Deluxe will feature a whopping 11 new tracks, none of which have seen the light of day. Very little information is known about the additional tracks, other than the fact fans will be able to sink their teeth into them as soon as Friday, 10th September.

Upon its initial release, Heartwork proved to be the album that could, finding its way to the pointy end of all sorts of charts, including a worthy #87 in the Billboard Top 200 which, for a band now up to Studio Album #8, is incredibly impressive and more to the point, proves that The Used simply put, still got it.

Heartwork is a volatile record, taking aim for the throat and firing everything. Politically savvy, socially agitated, Heartwork was by design entirely threatening – and now it’s coming back for more.

Heartwork Deluxe Edition from The Used is out Friday, 10th September