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The Used

The Used tag in frontline workers for ‘The Lighthouse’ clip feat. Mark Hoppus

The past few weeks have left most of us searching for any shred of positivity with the intention of grabbing it with a white-knuckled intensity and never letting it go. For some, it’s a loved one, for me, personally, it’s my cat but today The Used have shared a brand new clip set to radiate positivity to the masses, giving my cat a well-earned break.

Rather than sitting out the current global pandemic, for ‘The Lighthouse’ (featuring Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus), the alternative troubadours have leaned right the fuck into the situation, not only dedicating the video to frontline workers, but tagging in many nurses, police officers, store clerks, delivery drivers, doctors, vets and others who have risked their lives for our safety and comfort to star throughout.

Essentially, The Used have used this as an opportunity to immortalise frontline workers through song.

‘The Lighthouse’ was unearthed on The Used’s latest record Heartwork, and was an immediate standout track not just because of that filthy, filthy bass line, but also on account of its beaming sense of hope.

Doubt can be an avalanche.” frontman Bert McCracken says of ‘The Lighthouse’ meaning. “It can cascade out and infect everything it touches. Inspiration is also infectious. The original chorus lyric was “I can’t be your lighthouse”, until I was reminded by my 6 year old daughter that I can be and I am. It helps to remember that we all have the capability to inspire someone in our own way. Please enjoy our song The Lighthouse as much as we do.

Heartwork fell into our laps a few weeks ago and landed with considerable oomph. The record was heralded as a homage to the early work from the band but came to life as much more. Indeed, Heartwork invokes the feels of The Used past, but indicates an incredibly busy, and productive future.