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The Fresh Squeeze: Myles Cameron

Welcome to The Fresh Squeeze, where every week, BLUNT gets down to the wire with an up-and-coming act we simply can’t get enough of. In this edition, we’re showcasing New York City R&B upstart Myles Cameron, whose glittery new Downtown Kayoto-featuring single, ‘Lord Of The Flies’ – which landed just yesterday – has already made it to the tippy top of our replay list.

Who’s in your band, what do they play, and what would be your non-musical superpowers?
I’m more of a solo act so when I play live my “band” is made up of just one person, my producer and DJ Frankie Scoca. He’s the engineering genius behind the sound of my songs and my live sets, so I think his superpower would be the ability to talk to computers or something like that. I’d have telekinesis, because telekinesis is fucking sick. 

When you’re not tearing shit up on your instruments, what do you legends like to get up to?
When I’m not making music you can find me reading James Baldwin, bike-riding around NYC, or binge-watching reality dating shows. 

What would your hometown’s landmark be?
I grew up in a little suburban town outside New York City. There weren’t too many notable landmarks, but this one park called Florence Park was sort of a personal landmark for me. It’s where I would always hang out with my friends and this girl I had a crush on growing up. 

What’s the usual first topic of conversation when you take a break at rehearsal?
When I’m making music with friends and collaborators, I feel like we’re always just nerding out about different albums. Its always a debate about which recent drops are good, which are whack, which Fantano reviews are on-point or totally off base…

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?
Before a show I always warm up my voice, have an anxiety attack, and try to breathe and stay in the moment. Right before I go on stage I do this little thing in my head where I just start repeating how great and amazing I am and puffing up my ego before I have to go step out in front of all those people. It feels a little ridiculous, but it always works. 

Tell us about your most memorable show, what made it so special?
My most memorable show happened right before COVID. I was playing a release party for my last project, Black Sheep. We sold out a 350-person venue and it was without a doubt the biggest show I’d played to date. I had just graduated college the month before, too, so it felt like a really celebratory and surreal moment. 

What band would you most like to share the stage with and why?
Oh man. Im tryna be on stage with Tyler, The Creator one day. He builds such a world with all the staging he does for his tours and festivals. It would be cool to exist in that universe for a song or two. 

What’s the most exciting album you’ve listened to recently?
I’ve been really into Faye Webster’s album I Know I’m Funny Haha, which just came out this year. I’m a sucker for good songwriting and she just gets really intimate with the listener in some of the tracks. 

If you could be endorsed by one company, who would it be?

Why are you going to make it to the top over all the other contenders in the musical arena?
I’ve found in my life that the things I have committed myself 100 percent to and been patient with, I’ve been able to become really successful at. For the past nine years of my life, music has been something I’ve just constantly shown up for and put a lot of love into. I care so much about music, about albums, about songwriting. I’m going to be one of the best because I grow and get better every time I drop, and I have no plans on quitting until it works.  

‘Lord Of The Flies’ is out now independently. Check it out below, or stream it on Apple Music / Spotify / SoundCloud

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