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Sydney’s SPEED share tough AF new track, ‘We See U’

Australia’s hardcore scene moves in waves, like a tide shifting between shores. Sometimes Melbourne holds the crown, sometimes Perth, and once in a blue moon, Brissy will reign supreme. But Sydney is putting forward a worthy argument for their status as HXC City, Australia, as locals SPEED lunge forward with their new track, ‘We See U’, seeing the rough and tumble, tough as fuck Sydney hardcore scene incarnate coming to life in under just two minutes.

Set alongside some iconic Sydney locations (even the goddamn bridge wasn’t safe), SPEED unleash hell with ‘We See U’, which will damn well have every outfit out there who consider themselves peers sleeping with one eye open. Staunch, hench, intimidating as fuck, and entirely unapologetic about it, ‘We See U’ is hardcore in its final form; Earth-shaking with notes of an extinction-level event.

SPEED have been around for a good time, but not a long time, playing their first live show at Sydney’s Burdekin back in 2019. They’ve since returned to that stage a number of times, tearing shit apart in a sold-out capacity, a testament to the thriving and fertile hardcore community that exists in the land down under.

‘We See U’ will arrive physically on Friday, 30th July as part of the eagerly-awaited hardcore punk compilation This Is Australia Vol 2, coming in over a decade since the first installment of sheer brutality from the minds of Last Ride Records and Bloke Records. Vol 2 was inspired by the recent pandemic, taking into account the relentless way in which it kneecapped the local scene. Short, sharp, and to the point, the goal for Vol 2 was to amass a catalogue of unreleased songs from bands such as SPEED, Culture Shock, The Chain, Nerve Damage, Ill Natured, Smash, Psalm, Broken, and Miles Away, all of which clock within the two-minute mark. This Is Australia Vol 2 is limited to 400 copies, 100 for each colour varient, so, naturally it’s selling quickly. Keep an eye on the project rollout for plenty more curiosities.

Check out the new drop from SPEED below.