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Culture Shock

“Your roads are paved on graves” – Culture Shock blast Invasion Day with ‘.308’

Invasion Day isn’t exactly the type of day that needs an anthem. That said, It’s a day that needs a lot of things.

It needs more discussion, more information; ultimately it needs a culture shock all of it’s own to eradicate the remaining rusted-on opinion that it’s a day worth celebrating. You needn’t look long at our elected officials, fumbling over their teeny tiny differences, to know this culture shock isn’t coming from them. Instead, the violent shake the discussion around Invasion Day so sorely needs today comes from the underground hardcore scene, with Adelaide’s Culture Shock rising to the occasion with their volatile new cut, ‘.308’.

Armed with all the subtlety and grace as the semi-automatic rifle from which it takes it’s name, ‘.308’ is exactly the type of unapologetic, ruthless activism needed around such a cause. A lean, mean, angular cut of bass-driven hardcore, the new single has been a labour of love from the band who have been carefully building it from the demo form it started as in 2020.

Loaded with radicalised empathy, but sparse on time for bullshit, ‘.308’ isn’t here to debate or educate – at a headspinning yet genre-appropraite runtime of 2.10, it’s here to bust skulls and take names.

“‘.308’ is a song about the ongoing injustices against Australia’s Indigenous land owners, specifically the denial of their rights to access land for traditional purposes & ceremonies – land that means much more to them than simply resources.” Culture Shock (which features members of Reactions, Paradise Club, Colourblind and Sports Car) say of the new single. “What better way to deliver this message on Invasion Day than some catchy riffs, a grooving bassline, and an ending that will have your head ringing like a rifle blast?

The song was recorded with our friend Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios in 2020, filmed in a secret location in 2021, and edited by our own Jerry Fuzz.”

‘.308’ by Culture Shock is out official Friday, 28th January on Last Ride Records