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Northlane announce ‘Live At The Roundhouse’ livestream

Those in attendance at Northlane’s famed October 2019 headline show at Sydney’s Roundhouse will recall the multiple roaming camera rigs perusing the stage area. Now, Northlane have revealed their master plan for the footage, announcing a live-streamed event of Live At The Roundhouse, going down on a screen near you for two nights in August.

Joining you in your homes for the event – albeit digitally – will be the band members, who will be hosting the pay-per-view event.

The home-ground show was a special event for fans and the band not just for its sold-out status, but its symbolic real estate as the first show at the top of Northlane’s extensive Alien tour cycle – kicking it off with the crowd who have been there since day one.

The performance was captured on 14 cameras at the venue and will feature audio from the show mixed and mastered by Alien engineer Chris Blancato.

If the weight of Alien was somehow missed with the lyrical content alone, the follow-up mini documentary Negative Energy truly laid it bare, detailing the rocking and ultimately uncertain road the band took to what would become their third ARIA-winning record.

“One of the most incredible, moving moments we’ve ever had on stage for me was when we played ‘Sleepless’ for the first time at our show at the Roundhouse,” says guitarist Josh Smith.

“Knowing what events had transpired not too long before that, and what the song was about, I could tell Marcus was struggling when I got up there. By the time the song had finished he was in tears and he just soldiered on though the rest of the encore like nothing was wrong at all. I could tell on the inside he was just bleeding out. It was one of the bravest moments I’ve ever witnessed.”

Northlane Live At The Roundhouse
8pm AEST Friday, 21st August – 8pm AEST Saturday, 22nd August
Tickets: Northlane