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Misery Signals

Misery Signals unveil new single ‘River King’

As the Friday, 7th August release date for the highly anticipated album from Misery Signals approaches, fans have managed to get themselves into quite the frenzy; which is no surprise considering just how jaw-dropping the debut single ‘The Tempest’ was.

Well, we hope you’re sitting down, well-rested, hydrated and ready to lose your mind all over again, as overnight the band have shared the sophomore track from the impending Ultraviolet, ‘River King’, and it’s nothing short of bone-shattering.

Coaxing you in with an almost ethereal collection of delicate, minimal soundscapes, ‘River King’ soon lunges from the depths of your speakers, reaching out to grab you by the throat. There really is no ‘standard fare’ when it comes to Misery Signals. But, if you consider sonic twist and turns, utter unpredictability, a never-ending sense of intrigue and a drummer who simply calls no man ‘Sir’, well, then I guess we can say ‘River King’ is the standard Misery Signals fare.

The new single came hand-in-hand with an official video counterpart, which husbands well with the existing Misery Signals Cinematic Universe, being a healthy blend of the note-for-note live performance for which the band is known throughout the land, peppered with a less specific, more interpretative theatrical element.

It isn’t just the new music that has Misery Signals’ cult following in a mild delirium, but the current incarnation of the band itself. Ultraviolet sees members Ryan Morgan (guitar), Branden Morgan (guitar), Stu Ross (guitar) and Kyle Johnson (bass) once again working with original vocalist Jesse Zaraska, the pipes of which you may recognise from the band’s first ever effort, Of Malice and the Magnum Heart.

North American fans can rest easy knowing that tentative tour dates have been announced by the band. Australian fans can rest somewhat easy knowing that our territory is of importance to the group, who have left their mark on Aussie audiences multiple times over the years.

We’ll most likely have to wait until 2021, but until then we have ‘The Tempest’, we have ‘River King’ and soon we’ll have Ultraviolet. She’ll be right.