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Misery Signals

Misery Signals announce first new album in seven years

Metalcore fans rejoice, for one of the most cherished bands to have ever graced the court of the genre has returned, and for the first time in quite some time no less. The great Misery Signals have announced their new full-length Ultraviolet. The long awaited follow up to 2013’s Absent Light will arrive Friday, 7th August.

To drive the news home, Misery Signals have also given us a glimpse behind the curtain of the album by sharing first single and clip, ‘The Tempest’. Within about 3 seconds of the track it becomes abundantly clear that this down time for the band hasn’t at all diminished their knack for writing soaring melodies and Earth-shaking instrumentals.

Says lead guitarist Ryan Morgan of the new single, The Tempest feels like a concentrated dose of Misery Signals. I love that it crashes through with all this energy, with very little indulging. That type of songwriting economy was in my mind across this whole album. It’s interesting to hear a little bit of restraint work to actually make everything bigger.”

If The Sig returning with a new album and single isn’t enough to get you excited, well, you may need to seek medical attention. But also be aware that Ultraviolet will feature vocalist Jesse Zaraska who fronted the band on their debut album, 2004’s Of Malice and the Magnum Heart.

“Jesse has this really clear voice, and even in his most vicious screaming the vulnerability gets through first,” comments Morgan. “People will hear the record and there won’t be any need for decoding the emotional content. ‘Sunlifter’ was the first song we wrote for the record and it set the tone thematically for the lyrics on the album, which came to be about ambition and striving and all the parts of ourselves that are in contradiction with each other.”

Throughout their tenure, Misery Signals have enjoined a thriving relationship with Australian audiences. The band is said to be in a state of cat-like readiness to tour once its safe to do so; we’d say there’s an average, to above average chance of Australian dates.