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Make Them Suffer

Make Them Suffer announce new album with single ‘Erase Me’

Make Them Suffer are once again up to their metalcore mischief, emerging from studio hibernation to announce an impending record. The intriguingly titled How To Survive A Funeral will tentatively hit shelves Friday, 5th June. Until then, we can sink our fangs into the first cut from the album, ‘Erase Me’

Musically, ‘Erase Me’ is a masterstroke of sonic duality; from the brutal walls of blast beats that collapse atop delicate moments of ambience to the contrasting clean and heavy vocals. There’s a perfect balance to ‘Erase Me’ that can’t be fluked or phoned in; it can only be the byproduct of a a communal dedication to the track, ensuring that every chord, riff, beat and blast has a deliberate purpose.

Thematically, ‘Erase Me’ is just as ambitious. “‘Erase Me’ is a song about pushing someone away and raises the question; is it selfless or selfish to do?” frontman Sean Harmanis explains of the new single.

“It’s unfortunate to me that some people are wired to always feel as if they’re never good enough. The sentiment of the lyrics ‘I’ve broken you enough so don’t hate me, erase me’ demonstrates a quality selflessness. In retrospection, it’s that same selflessness that makes you ‘good enough’.”

Few bands have earned the approval of their following to habitually explore uncharted waters with their creative outputs like Make Them Suffer have. If anything, the band’s penchant for evolving and adapting has made them a shining beacon for heavy music fans starved of originality.

While remaining true to their core themes of growth, and the desire for eternal forward motion, ‘Erase Me’ once again sees Make Them Suffer take us by the hand and lead us into new, lush metalcore pastures where How To Survive A Funeral roams.

Though the band is hopeful enough to be taking pre-orders for a mid-year release, the Perth group have advised fans that the impact of COVID-19 may interfere with their plans. Blunt will be sure to update once the situation becomes clearer.