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Kwasi goes dark on ‘Spilling Ink’ featuring Teether

You needn’t dig that much further into his back catalogue to understand that Kwasi is so much more than just a rapper. Growing up on alt rock/indie and fusing it with his skillful grasp on the fundamentals of hip hop, the African/Australian songwriter is diving even further into a nonconformist fusion of his influences today with ‘Spilling Ink’. The fresh single is complete with an apt contribution from his alt-rap contemporary in Teether of Too Birds, a partnership that heralds in a new era of what we can expect from both artists.

“I wrote that when I was in a bit of an angry, dark place, so much was going on,” Kwasi commented in a conversation on the track, adding that “it’s kind of about revenge, it’s pretty dark.” It certainly is, but as Kwasi continues to venture further into the depths, so too does he take us on a journey with him into an even grittier sound, elevating his vision to an entirely new level.

The Melbourne-based musician has been hard at work despite the uncertain in-and-out of lockdown state we’ve found ourselves in over the past year, dropping a collab a few months back with Congrats (the side project of Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart), which you can check out here. Speaking on working with Stewart on ‘Overthink’ at the time, Kwasi noted that “the process of writing ‘Overthink’ was cathartic for me. A nice escape from the bullshit. The fact that the song is coming out is just a cherry on top.”

His hard work from a solo perspective hopefully signifies that we can expect more under the banner of a new project on the way shortly, so watch this space for more updates from the Kwasi camp soon.

Hear Kwasi’s new single featuring Teether below.