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JJ Peters

JJ Peters launches signature street-champagne so bust out the tux

It’s been a sight to behold to watch our own alternative troubadour JJ Peters grow since the inception of Deez Nuts through to his latest work, Naughty Boy. Today, we see the habitual frontman swap the baggie hoodie for a custom-fit tuxedo with the announcement that he’s gone and launched his own line of so-called ‘street champagne’.

Created in collaboration with Crowbar, and technically a sparkling wine, the drop has been branded as ‘street champagne’, implying that while the baggie hoodie hasn’t been thrown out, it’s resting on top of the chair waiting to be thrown on after the first few glasses.

BLUNT slid into the DMs for a technical explanation of what the hell street champagne is and why we need it, to which JJ answered: “Champagne by definition can only be grown in the champagne region of France, making it expensive and exclusive. Street-champagne is just a way of saying our PET-NAT (or sparkling natural wine) is of and for the people, and is suitable for anyone in any scenario from the club to the street corner.”

Naughty Boy Street-Champagne is available now and will be ready to shop from August 19th. For those playing along at home, it’s also been revealed that the booze “is made from 100% organic Chardonnay, you could call that true Blanc de Blanc. Produced in the pet nat style, natural yeasts starting off fermentation in tank, finished in bottle and left on lees for 12 months.”

As for the flavour palate, one can expect “Classic toasty brioche richness that is finely encased in zippy lemon tang acid, hints of apple skin, a slight wild-cider crunch, and an almost salty mineral driving finish. It is a little cloudy, yet classy. It’s a freak in the sheets, and in the streets. Just as fitting in very fine linen wear or minimal swimming wear.”

Hmm. Yes, quite. I indubitably concur.

For those who don’t speak fluent fancy talk, JJ boiled it down to “Naughty Boy Street-Champagne has the sophistication of ‘HAVE YOU EVER’, the cheekiness of ‘PINKY RING’ and the general demeanour of ‘DTD’… The perfect accompaniment to my album, and turns any scenario to bottle service vibes.”

The announcement follows on Northlane’s own wine range, also bottled in cahoots with Crowbar. If this is the way forward for our scene we are all about it, and it’s not like we have anywhere to drive to at the moment.

Bottoms up!