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In Hearts Wake

In Hearts Wake share stirring new single, ‘Dystopia’

As the release date to their impending record Kaliyuga approaches, Byron Bay lords In Hearts Wake have fired off another warning shot in the shape of new single/video ‘Dystopia’. Keeping in line with the poignant themes of the album, ‘Dystopia’ sees the band continue the narrative around environmental advocacy with a sustained, white-knuckled intensity.

Rather then merely sitting at the back of the room heckling, ‘Dystopia’ has In Hearts Wake rising to the occasion and bringing solutions to the table, rather than merely voicing more problems.

“Imagine what we’re capable of if we just see through the lie” is a sombre notion that lays at the heart of the track, which takes aim at the disparity between what needs to be done, and what’s being done, before unleashing a volley of discontent on the subject.

Compared to the previous three tracks unearthed from Kaliyuga, ‘Dystopia’ seems to be a brief moment of reprieve from the onslaught of drums and distortion, allowing more melody and sprawling soundscapes to take flight. That said, the subject matter remains purposely heavy:

“Dystopia speaks of the fourth cycle and present age of the world known in Hinduism as ‘Kaliyuga’.” explains vocalist Jake Taylor. ‘Kaliyuga’ is often referred to as the dark age due to the predominate traits of discord, disconnection, destruction, materialism, oppression, cruelty and fear” says vocalist Jake Taylor.

We look for the cause to cast the blame, but humanity need only look itself in the mirror. It is time for us to face and overcome the issues and challenges that currently threaten all life on Earth.” 

To coincide with the release, In Hearts Wake have also announced a new ‘Smoke’ calcium based eco-plastic vinyl variant, no doubt a must have for the band’s loyal following.

Kaliyuga will hit shelves – both digital and otherwise – before we know it on Friday, 7th August.