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In Hearts Wake

In Hearts Wake go for the jugular with ‘Hellbringer’ feat Jamie Hails

As the Friday, 7th of August release date for In Hearts Wake’s upcoming effort Kaliyuga draws closer, the band are busting some serious moves, the latest of which is today’s official premiere of a well overdue collaboration with another key ingredient of the Australian heavy scene – Polaris frontman Jamie Hails.

‘Hellbringer’ feat. Jamie Hails arrived bright and early this morning as the third peek behind the curtain of the forthcoming record. Never ones to mince words, In Hearts Wake have made their intentions clear with ‘Hellbringer’; creating an affront to extreme religious ideology and their regressive views on heavy music, ~allegedly~ the music of Satan.

Speaking to this, In Hearts Wake vocalist Jake Taylor explained:

“At some of our American shows extremist groups have picketed outside, telling our fans that they’re ‘going to hell’. If only they knew just how positive the energy inside the venue was! Never judge a book by it’s cover. So rather than fight hate with hate, we decided to have some fun and lean into the metal stereotype. In 2020 with live streams becoming the new norm, we decided to stage our own hell-bent circus. We thought it would be funny to ask Jamie to dress up as a werewolf, turn me into a vampire and rain blood on the entire band. Guess Halloween came early this year. Thank you Blade.”

Going from 0-100 in about half a second, ‘Hellbringer’, by both name and nature, is earth shattering. An unstoppable cyclone of riffage and beats, the track will no doubt have fans with sweaty palms thinking how much this thing will rip live.

In Hearts Wake used the video as an opportunity to lean the fuck right into the message at the heart of the track, featuring some bogus looking protesters and a showdown between a vampire and a werewolf – two of Satan’s closest pals.

Something tells us this won’t do much to deter the aforementioned protesters from picketing In Hearts Wake shows in the future. Something also tells us that’s part of the plan.