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EN GARDE – thy full lineup for Knight & Day 2021 hath landed!

So, got anything special planned for New Year’s Eve? No? Well, now you do!

After the two most dismal years in recent history for Australian moshers, the great lords and ladies at Destroy All Lines have mustered up what might just be the coolest festival concept of all time. And no, that’s not just our signature BLUNT hyperbole kicking in: Knight & Day is much, much more than your average cut-and-dry music festival. 

Don’t get us wrong, there’ll be all the staples of a great music festival – sick bands playing sick tunes, food so unhealthy it would send any respectable dietician into a schizophrenic breakdown, and enough merch for you to spend every last cent of your Christmas bonus. But what sets Knight & Day apart from all the others is that… Well for starters, all of that standard fezzie fair will be housed inside the hallowed halls of an actual, legit-as-shit castle. And not some cheap approximation of a castle, purpose-built for the gimmick – we’re taking about a real-life, medieval-style castle, with actual dungeons, a life-sized maze, knights’ towers, and so much more.

There’s even a torture museum full of historical artefacts used in only the most brutal of applications – the kind of shit that makes Jigsaw look like Elmo.

To be more specific, the inaugural edition of Knight & Day is set to go down inside Ballarat’s Kyral Castle, bringing a medieval flair to modern moshes on Thursday, December 30th and Friday 31st. The lineup spans 20 of the biggest and best names in Australian alternative, with headliners Parkway Drive and Polaris joined by such heartwarming hellraisers as Trophy Eyes, Clowns, Alex Lahey, The Beautiful Monument, Make Them Suffer, Void Of Vision, Windwaker and Saviour.

Add to that two full-album sets of alt-rock staples from the past 15 years (Hellions playing their 2016 epic, Opera Oblivia, and The Getaway Plan playing 2008’s iconic Other Voices, Other Rooms), and you’ve got a New Year’s Eve experience worth a lifetime of memories. 

Tickets for the first ever Knight & Day festival go on sale Thursday, September 23rd at 10:00am AEST, with a presale running for the two days prior if you get around to signing up in time. We would if we were you, because there’s no way in hell these tickets are going to stay around for too long!

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Knight & Day 2021

Parkway Drive
Alex Lahey
Bakers Eddy
Diamond Construct
Hellions (performing Opera Oblivia in full)
Justice For The Damned
Make Them Suffer
The Beautiful Monument
The Chats
The Getaway Plan (performing Other Voices, Other Rooms in full)
The Gloom In The Corner
To The Grave
Trophy Eyes
Void Of Vision

Thursday December 30th – Friday December 31st
Kryal Castle, Ballarat VIC
Tickets: Official website