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Drastic Park

Drastic Park share visuals for ‘Work of Art’ feat Cassie Sutton

Forget patiently waiting their turn, Melbourne’s Drastic Park are wasting no time, strutting through the doors of the Australian alternative scene and right up to the bar, where they no doubt order a shot of something top shelf.

The trio have oh-so-slightly pulled back the sheet further on their forthcoming EP revealing their brand new cut, ‘Work Of Art’, scoring a feature by Terra vocalist Cassie Sutton. To bring the single to life, the band have released the official music video, which dovetails wonderfully with the track’s motif of visual stimuli, and purposeful misdirects.

“The song lyrics are about losing your innocence as you grow up. Taking on a fake persona that is influenced by the people around you and becoming tainted versions of our former selves – while hiding the scared little child inside. In other words, who we are on the outside is not necessarily who we are on the inside.”

“We also got lucky with securing an art gallery location, that just so happened to be hosting an exhibition of Mona Lisa appropriations – which worked perfectly with the main lyric in the song ‘they gave me a careless Mona Lisa smile’. I guess you could say it was all meant to be!”

The song itself is a thick cut of marbled pop punk powered by a simple, yet delicious assault of power chords. This is no doubt the handy work of a group of musicians raised on a healthy diet of 2000’s era pop punk with hints of Yellowcard, Blink-182 and a little after taste of Alkaline Trio.

The group have had a fairly busy 2020, all things considered. They kicked off the year with their debut EP Last World, before following up with their latest works ‘Feels Like Forever’, and of course this week’s ‘Work Of Art’.

So it’s a safe assumption that we have plenty more to hear from Drastic Park, and no doubt we’ll be hearing some of it soon.