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dave the band interview Grace Turner in new episode of podcast

Newcastle is a hub for creative gold, whether those who inhabit the harbour city want to admit it or not. With that in mind, Aussie outfit dave the band have shared the next instalment in their dave the band the podcast series today, which opens up a dialogue with their Novocastrian contemporaries.

In this chapter, dave the band frontman Noah Church speaks to Grace Turner, a singer-songwriter from Newcastle renowned for her emotionally-driven indie-folk tunes. Turner’s mother is a visual artist, and her father a poet, fermenting a childhood that fostered creativity. This edition of dave the band the podcast follows on from Church’s previous chat with FRITZ, wherein both artists acknowledged that starting out in Newcastle makes it difficult to see how special it is until you’re thinking on your memories from a cab in the United States when someone asks you what the scene is like back at home.

Speaking from her new habitat of the lockdown-dominated Melbourne, Turner talks through her career to date, her latest EP Half Truths and her bathtub clips from quarantine. The two have a candid discussion about how they go about writing, from noting down lyrics at parties to waking up in the middle of the night with a creative epiphany and realising the next morning that it’s nothing but dream haze gibberish.

The new album from dave the band, Slob Stories, dropped only a couple of weeks ago, to quite a bit of hype. It was recorded with the legendary Steve Albini in Chicago, who has an impressive rap sheet featuring everyone from Nirvana to Jawbreaker. Their collaboration with Albini is a stamp assuring quality in and of itself, which comes to the fore on their 2020 offering.

Check out the brand new instalment in dave the band the podcast below.