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Chefcore: JJ Peters’ recipe for cauliflower onion soup

Whats good!

It’s your boy (Hov vice) JJ Peters; jack of a few trades, master of none, but best known for my “work” in hedonistic hardcore outfit Deez Nuts. After the overwhelming response to my IG post about making soup, the good people at BLUNT and myself have joined forces to deliver that recipe to all 5 of you. This shit is delicious AND light on calories, for those watching their weight, or those like myself who just fuck with low calorie things so you can overindulge… Enjoy! 

You’re gonna need…

  • A blender or one of those hand held mixer things… a mixer? You know what I mean..
  • Measuring jug, I strictly use pyrex. (if you know, you know)
  • Pots & forks and spoons and shit, if you don’t own these there’s no way you have the rest of this shit so go head and hit up Uber Eats, no soup for you.
  • An appetite for destruction….And soup.


  • Flour (1 table spoon)
  • Vegetable stock/vegetable broth (4 cups)
  • Margarine (1 table spoon)
  • 1x big ass cauliflower
  • 1x big ass brown onion
  • Salt & pepper

First off dice the fuck out of your cauliflower and onion, the smaller this shit’s broken down the quicker we can eat.

Fill your jug with 4 cups hot water, add your stock, whatever your packet says per cup or litre of water, or add a lil more if you’re a spicy boy or girl. 

Heat your big ass pot a little, chuck a heaped table spoon of dairy free margarine in and follow that up with a lumped table spoon of flour (whatever kind I don’t care).

Mix them together over the low heat till they become like a bubbly gold paste, congratulations, you have successfully created your ROUX. And further congratulations for now knowing what a roux is, extra credit for flexing this knowledge on your friends. 

When you got your roux poppin, slide in your cauliflower and onion, then add your broth straight away.

Bring this bitch to boil, then let it simmer for like 15-20 mins. Leave a lid on but keep it cracked so that shit don’t overflow. We’re trying to keep clean up to a minimum over here.

When your flower’s looking good and soft, turn the heat off. If it looks like you lost a lot of water and you like your soup a little thinner, add more water/broth. If you like it thick, disregard all that and level up.

Now use your blender or mixer to bring this all together by getting to your desired consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste – serve with hot crusty Turkish bread, or a slice of wonder white, no judgement over here.

J.J Peters releases his brand new single ‘Four Walls’ on Friday, 22nd May. You can pre-save the track here.