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Corey Taylor

Behold Corey Taylor’s new single ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’

Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman and moral compass to many Corey Taylor has done it again, ladies and gentleman, proving his inability to ever, really write a bad song. Today, our man CT has shared his brand new solo single ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’, giving us the first glimpse into his forthcoming solo record CMFT, set to be released October 2 and available for pre-order right now.

At first glance, ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ appears to be a hefty serving of classic, sexy rock n roll, but as the track unfolds, the genre rulebook is tossed out the window with elements of hip hop and borderline spoken word soon taking hold. Content-wise, the track is as labeled – a metaphorical and, at many times in the video clip, literal middle finger to something or someone, who no doubt must be feeling fairly lousy after such a serving.

The track also demonstrates just how few people wouldn’t take a call from Corey Taylor, in more ways than one. Jumping on the official track is London rapper and known weapon Kid Bookie, as well as the legendary master of rapid fire verses, Tech N9ne, who has collaborated with Taylor in the past, for those of you playing at home.

Then there are those who cameoed in the clip. With a solid Lockdown 2020 aesthetic, a small crowd of the music who’s who appear in the clip to populate the stirring gang vocals. Baby Metal, our man Ronnie Radke, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich…we won’t name them all, you’ll just have to watch for yourself.

Corey Taylor seems as energetic as ever, and simply raring to go with his new project. The dust is yet to settle on Slipknot’s previous outing, 2019’s We Are Not Your Kind, but as his dedicated audience knows, there’s never too much of a good thing.