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Bakers Eddy share new track ‘Space is Nothing’

After announcing their debut album last month, Melbourne outfit Bakers Eddy are continuing to blow our expectations out of the water. With new single ‘Space Is Nothing’ out now, the band tap into our feelings in a way that they’ve learning to do so expertly, describing the track as “a tired, drunk, nostalgic ode” to long-distance relationships. Given our current state of living through a pandemic, ‘Space is Nothing’ hits particularly hard, and you can head below to check out the lyric video.

Love Boredom Bicycles is set to drop in mid-October, representing the first and long-awaited full-length outing from Bakers Eddy. “The whole record is supposed to sound like the life of the party,” frontman Ciarann Babbington commented at the time of the news being shared. Lead single ‘Concertina’ was unveiled as “the kick arse opener” to that party, “where you walk through the doors and everyone’s vibing and having a great time. And then it takes you through the journey of this party and then you’re left at like 5 o’clock in the morning, with like 2 or 3 people around, you’re gonna have a beer and go to bed. And you’re just reflecting, like, ‘That was a sick party, yeah.’”

Produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), Love Boredom Bicycles came to fruition after Bakers Eddy’s plans went up in flames, like everything else, left in tatters after the pandemic swept the world early last year. Originally hoping to kick off with an EP, they ended up more inspired than ever and instead decided to turn over a new page entirely. Whatever the plan was, it worked, and we’re more hyped than we’ve ever been to rinse this LP come October.

Give ‘Space is Nothing’ a spin below.

Love Boredom Bicycles is out on the 15th of October via Ivy League Records.