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Bakers Eddy announce debut album, ‘Love Boredom Bicycles’

When we last heard from Melbourne outfit Bakers Eddy here at BLUNT HQ, they were heads down spending last year’s lockdown working on new music. Now, as we shakily attempt to emerge out of the worst of times, the band have proffered up a soundtrack to our recovery, announcing that their debut album Love Boredom Bicycles will be out this October. To celebrate the news, they’ve also shared lead single, ‘Concertina’.

“The whole record is supposed to sound like the life of the party,” says lead singer Ciarann Babbington. “’Concertina’ is the kick arse opener where you walk through the doors and everyone’s vibing and having a great time. And then it takes you through the journey of this party and then you’re left at like 5 o’clock in the morning, with like 2 or 3 people around, you’re gonna have a beer and go to bed. And you’re just reflecting, like, ‘That was a sick party, yeah.’”

A snapshot into the brighter side of life, the accompanying clip for ‘Concertina’ is a ride just as rollercoaster-like as Babbington’s description of the song, featuring Max Max-esque shenanigans, a whimsical treasure hunt and shaped by the talent of director Triana Hernandez. It’s huge and it’s triumphant, but following in the same vein of previous visuals from Bakers Eddy, it’s also leaps and bounds bolder than your typical music video.

Love Boredom Bicycles came to fruition after Bakers Eddy’s plans went up in flames, like everything else, left in tatters after the pandemic swept the world early last year. Originally hoping to kick off with an EP, they ended up more inspired than ever and instead decided to turn over a new page in working on a full-length album. Hopefully, by the time it comes out in October, we’ll all be ready to celebrate in person.

Check out lead single ‘Concertina’ below. Pre-orders for Love Boredom Bicycles are available now.