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Bad/Love unveil epic narrative clip for ‘DMU’

Bad/Love haven’t been around for a long time. However, anyone who has stumbled across the Melbourne Start-Up since their 2019 debut can attest that, already, it’s been a helluva good time. Today, the band reaffirm this, with the release of their epic narrative club for current single ‘DMU’.

‘DMU’, or Drag Me Under for those playing at home, first hit our speakers earlier in the year. Now, the track has been synced to a visual stimulant loaded with enough intrigue, twists and turns to make M. Night Shyamalan rage quit.

The official ‘DMU’ clip came to life while Bad/Love meandered the highways of Australia in support of The Brave, back when such things weren’t against the law, and was the creative brain child between the band, and videographer Guy Cleeve.

Part Reservoir Dogs part Two Hands, ‘DMU’ tells the sketchy tale of broken trust, betrayal and murder all within its 3-minute-55-second run time.

“DMU is about somebody you know turning out to be somebody completely different and coming to terms with that”, Bad/Love explained to Blunt Magazine. “There is a feeling of betrayal that comes with that and what better way is there to visually depict betrayal than with a good old fashioned heist?”

“If it isn’t blatantly apparent, we will await a call from Hollywood for our next Blockbuster appearance. In the mean-time, we won’t quit our day jobs. New music is just around the corner.”

Since first emerging from their studio hibernation last year with their SIOIS release, Bad/Love have wasted no time strutting their way to the forefront of the scene.

With a white-knuckled grip on their duelling light vs dark soundscapes, impeccable studio production and the wherewithal to tell stories with such palpable presence as we see with ‘DMU’, it’s safe to say all those who consider themselves peers of Bad/Love should be feeling an all-too human chill down their spines.