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Bad Juju share what they’re currently jamming

Melbourne punk legends Bad Juju are officially back. After returning to kick ass late last year, the outfit have once again brought us one hell of a tune with this week’s single ‘Disappoint’. The track is a tribute to frontman Russell Holland’s grief for a lost friend, continuing Bad Juju’s reputation as one of the most authentic active bands in Australian music. To celebrate the release, we asked Bad Juju to share what they’re currently jamming, a culmination of influences that have inspired their recent work.

Russell Holland (vocals)

Garlic Nun – ‘High Society’

The singer Steve is my boss at work and he forced me to pick this song. But for real it rips, go see them live.

A Day To Remember – ‘Resentment’

The song is too fun to resist. Huge catchy chorus and a massive guitar tone, especially in the final breakdown.

Armarin Saengsri (guitar)

Alabama Shakes – ‘Over My Head’

A friend showed me this live session not long ago and I can’t stop listening to this sweet and soulful little number. Also the recording and backups are so tasteful.

Cocteau Twins – ‘Pur’

This is one of those songs I wish I could’ve seen live, how it explodes when it kicks in with the counter melodies coming in and out through the song. There’s some of the coolest counter melodies and harmonies peppered over this whole album.

Abe Miller (guitar)

Title Fight – ‘Liar’s Love’

This is a song I have on repeat a lot of the time. They went out on a massive high with Hyperview and I personally think this is the best of that album. The chorus is extremely catchy and gets stuck in your head.

Teenage Wrist – ‘Believe In The Wrong Things’

This band can do no wrong for me, I love the slow groove of this song. The recording is phenomenal. Chuck on some headphones and get lost in the dreaminess. 

Matt John (bass)

Boston Manor – ‘Everything is Ordinary

Huge track! Love the energy and punk vibe on this belter. The gruesomely fuzzy guitars are a winning touch.

Amyl and the Sniffers – ‘Gacked on Anger

I was massively late to the party with this band! This song absolutely slaps. I love the fire and anger of the vocal performance. This is a pissed off middle finger to the system in under 2 minutes.  

Drue Herring (drums)

Hundredth – ‘Disarray’

I love the fast pace and energy the track brings whilst still keeping it very melodic and dreamy with the lead guitar and vocal layers. Chorus seems to be stuck in my head for days after I listen

Tapestry – ‘Never Felt The Same

Perfect balance of heavy:soft ratio; sounds like a pop song AND a heavy track which I feel is hard to perfect, but this is a prime example of it done well. Once again the chorus is insanely catchy.

Listen to Bad Juju’s ‘Disappoint’ below.