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Mixtape: Snark’s post-party anthems

Melbourne trio Snark are no strangers to a good night out, but what goes up must come down.

On their latest single ‘Wasted’, the punk outfit capture the “feeling of clarity you sometimes get after a particularly wild night, where you promise yourself that it’s not going to happen again.” Produced by Darren Cordeaux of Aussie icons Kisschasy, the anthem for “bad decisions and good times” joins a long list of songs that have come before it that perfectly soundtrack the afterparty. Snark shared their go-to post-party recommendations with us to round out your next crash.

Stefan Sepulveda (Guitar/Vocals) 

FIDLAR – ‘No Waves’

This song is equally perfect in the midst of the party or in its aftermath. The line “I need a new body and I need a new soul” hits different after a big night but the frantic energy of this song is perfect for psyching yourself up when you need to back it up!

Violent Soho ‘Lying on the Floor’

The sun is coming up, you’re a bit of a mess and all you want is a place to crash – this is the song that’ll get you through the long journey back home. I love how this song perfectly straddles the line between exhaustion and energy. I’m also an absolute sucker for Violent Soho’s guitar tones.

Slowly Slowly – ‘Race Car Blues’

This song perfectly captures that post-party sense of emptiness. When I feel like I’ve left a part of myself behind after a particularly wild one, this song is a must listen. The emotion in the delivery of the vocals always really resonates with me. 

Patrick Lester (Bass/Vocals)

Weezer – ‘Sweater Song’

Anything from the Blue Album could have gone here, especially the slower ones. Nice and catchy but still poignant, perfect for feeling sorry for yourself. 

Joyce Manor – ‘Last You Heard Of Me’

A song written about a regular night but it describes the mundane so well. Whether last night was big or small, these guys can help put it in perspective. 

Sonic Youth – ‘Incinerate’

A little less chilled out than the others but in my opinion, no one can find the beauty in chaos quite like Sonic Youth. Perfect for when you just want to switch off and not have to think for a few minutes.

Matias Cantavenera (Drums)

Title Fight – ‘Murder Your Memory’

Another dark choice but let’s face it: after a big night out, darkness is all you feel. No matter how empty this song makes you feel, it has a certain beauty that keeps me coming back for more.  

Arcade Fire – ‘Ready To Start’

A song I discovered recently even though I have liked Arcade Fire for a while. This song has a little zap and upbeat that you need after a big night out, but also a little caress and gentleness. 

Basement – ‘Aquasun’

This song, no matter what, always seems to lift me up and make me believe. It fills me with so much energy and positivity that it would be the perfect song for a rough day ahead.

‘Wasted’ by Snark is out now.