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A beginner’s guide to conspiracy theories with LASHES

Following the release of her latest single ‘Heavenly’, alt-influenced artist LASHES has been on a home run. Promptly added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, the only way is up for the former emo kid, who we caught up with last year about melding her influences from punk with a unique take on modern pop. But making music isn’t the only thing that LASHES spends her time on.

“One of my pastimes is delving into conspiracy theories,” she tells BLUNT, “especially those involving the presence of other entities or species living among us. Once day turns to night and logic leaves my brain, I go straight down the rabbit hole. My TikTok algorithm is now all about how we live in a simulation surrounded by mythical beings.” To celebrate her new single, she shared some of her fave conspiracy theories with us.


My latest discovery is that of shapeshifting lizard people. Word on the street is that there are reptilian humanoids living among us disguised in celebrity skin-suits. Although, some of us haven’t been fooled… I’ve seen a few videos of the Queen and Justin Bieber apparently shapeshifting or glitching out in front of people and accidentally revealing their reptilian teeth and eyes. Bit sus.


When I was younger I liked to read retellings of alien abduction. Stories about people being taken in their sleep, probed and microchipped and sent back to their beds none-the-wiser, only to recall it years later. However, if you’re looking to be willingly abducted there are a few things that will increase your chances. Firstly, you must stand in an open field at the top of a hill. It also helps the likelihood of being chosen if you bring a friend. Apparently, it is more enticing to the aliens if you can be abducted in a pair. Makes sense.

My dad is a realist and doesn’t believe in or entertain conspiracies, so naturally, I like to bring up my findings with him. He reckons that if aliens had the kind of technology to travel a bazillion miles to get to earth then they would certainly have the technology to ensure their spaceships were not detected. But this isn’t about what he thinks, it’s about what I think. And I think that even extraterrestrials slip up. 

Giants living underground 

I read that Google Earth may have found proof that giants live in Antarctica. They have photographic evidence of a 20 meter giant that seems legit.

There is also an underground city full of giant skeletons that’s been recently discovered in the Grand Canyon. Only slightly terrifying.


‘Animal Planet’ once made an in-depth documentary on mermaids that seemed semi-plausible but also whack. It turned out to be fake…however it’s still up on YouTube for our viewing pleasure. This is one of the conspiracies that I actually wouldn’t mind being true. There’s something magical about the idea of mermaids, and they seem to be the least harmful of the bunch going by how they were depicted in the stories I read as a child.

I like to indulge in conspiracies for the fun of it but I take it all with a grain of salt (aliens are real).

Hear LASHES’ new single ‘Heavenly’ now.