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Poké & Chill

‘Poké & Chill’, a lo-fi Pokemon LP, will cure what ails you

Whether or not you might be in lockdown right now, chances are you’re still feeling a lot of things. What, with billionaires shirking their responsibilities to help mankind to instead flex on us; climate change, the collapse of the gig economy, the rise of toxic individualism, hell, even the frustrating week by week wait for new episodes of Ted Lasso feels like a personal slight. You get it – there’s a lot going on at the moment. But rejoice, for we have an absolute cure in the form of a lo-fi chillwave LP comprised entirely of iconic scores from your favourite Pokémon games. The playlist, originally released back in 2019, is enjoying a huge resurgence on account of, well, *gestures broadly*.

Featuring all of your favourite jams from ‘Route 3’ to ‘Pokémon League’ to ‘Lavender Town’, Poké & Chill is 16 tracks of pure, unfiltered nostalgic bliss that’s guaranteed to seep deep into your psyche and give you a soft, gentle ‘just friends’ back rub as you go on to front the slings and arrows of everyday life in this goddamn hellscape.

The tunes have been doing the rounds online for a minute now, however the entire compilation is now available as a slick white 12″ vinyl. Poké & Chill features straight-up beautiful reworks from Masuda, as well as Gō Ichinose, Minako Adachi, and Shota Kageyama. 

Poké & Chill is the brainchild of utter genius and surely noble prize contender Jun’ichi Masuda, who picked choice cuts from classic titles Pokemon Red & Blue as well as more contemporary Pokémon instalments Pokémon Sun & Moon, Gold & Silver, X & Y and Black & White. Masuda collaborated with producer Mikel on the release, who was the studio meddler behind the wildly popular and equally as nourishing Zelda & Chill, which after 20 million streams has been namechecked as “the most popular game music record of all time,” though initial feedback would suggest that title is up for contention with his latest outing.

So, without any further ado, we give you the remedy to modern life: