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‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is coming to the big screen

The game has been praised with almost zero true exceptions. And yet, the uninitiated may have been blindsided by the break-out success of PlayStation 4 title Ghost of Tsushima, but to those with their finger on the pulse, it was clear that this was a title that was destined for cult and critical acclaim. Now, its destiny has come to fruition in ways that have surpassed even the most lofty of expectations, with the videogame tagged for a feature film adaptation.

And it’s safe to say the IP, originally brought to PlayStation by developers Sucker Punch Productions, is in very, very safe hands.

While details are understandably scarce at this stage, what has been confirmed is that the film will call Sony Pictures home, and be a live-action rendition. Much like the game, it will also be taking cues from the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274, following the hair-raising exploits of our hero, Jin Sakai.

The film adaptation has also found a director in Chad Stahelski, who helmed the John Wick franchise, which probably gives some insight into the type of graceful yet brutal display we have awaiting us.

“The idea of translating our game into a new medium is exciting, and we’re intrigued by the possibilities”, says Nat Fox, Game Director from Sucker Punch Productions. “We’ve all been brought to tears in a movie theatre surrounded by strangers. (Thanks a lot, E.T.) We’ve all gone to a movie on opening night when the crowd is so excited that they cheer as the lights go down. It’s a group experience that isn’t replicated anywhere else. To think that we could sit in the theatre someday watching Jin Sakai up on the big screen is amazing…I know I speak for everyone at Sucker Punch by sending out a massive THANK YOU to Ghost fans. Your support for the game is what makes opportunities like a movie come true…We’re so happy to be on this ride with you.”

Since its release in July 2020, Ghost of Tsushima has shifted a head-spinning 6.5 million units world wide. For some context, this puts Ghost of Tsushima at pole position for PlayStation 4’s fastest selling first-party original IP. The title also cleaned up at the Game Awards 2020, taking home Game of the Year, Best Game Direction and Best Narrative.

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest in a suite of PlayStation exclusive titles to receive the big-screen treatment, with an Uncharted film already wrapped and a HBO series based on The Last of Us coming soon.