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Perfect Dark

A new ‘Perfect Dark’ title is apparently in development

As we lose ourselves in the current glory days of the Age Of Revisionism, it’s easy to forget about the younger generations who, in lieu of their own cool content, have been left wearing older generations’ content hand-me-downs. But you know what? It’s even easier to to simply not overthink it and simply trust-fall into the fertile garden bed of content from our youth that has been brought into the current era.

The latest such erstwhile IP to be zhooshed for modern audiences is none other than cult classic Nintendo 64 title Perfect Dark.

Though the news is currently being billed as a ‘rumour’, considering the source it’s more likely a ‘soft confirm’ than anything else given it came straight from the mouth of gaming industry big wig Jeff Grubb. On an episode of gaming podcast Kinda Funny Games, while discussing a forthcoming project from Xbox studio The Initiative, Grubb straight up stated: “It means Perfect Dark, Y’all.”

A commenter in the live chat was quick to push back, replying “I don’t know if Perfect Dark is something Microsoft would wanna spend potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on. It feels like a really risky gamble.”

In response, Grubb doubled-down: “They are…”

Naturally, Grubb’s comments put listeners and internet goers the world over into a mile tail spin. In response, he took to Twitter to clarify that the project in question may not be a straight up and down remake, but instead another venture into the same universe as Perfect Dark.

And honestly, as long as the Phoenix gun still exists in this universe, we’re totally down.

Perfect Dark was originally release in 2000 as somewhat of a spiritual sequel to GoldenEye 007, which unfortunately will not be zhooshed for a modern audience. Playing as agent of the Carrington Institute research centre, Joanna Dark, Perfect Dark was a supernatural FPS with a multiplayer functionality that is the stuff of legend.

The series did get a remastered release in 2010, and a sequel, Perfect Dark Zero, was released in 2005.

There is of course the elephant in the room that the new game is looking like an Xbox/Microsoft exclusive, which isn’t ideal for PS4 or Switch users. Speaking on behalf of that community, we’re just thrilled our Xbox/PC brothers and sisters can git sum.