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Win a double pass to dystopic sci-fi flick ‘Lapsis’

The gig economy is certainly becoming a volatile topic of discussion at this point in time, and no matter where you fall in the spectrum between for or against, it doesn’t really matter—mankind is concerningly tangled in it. The guise of maintaining a perfect harmony between work and life is starting to slip away, exposing the cruel, dead-eyed face of late-stage capitalism hidden beneath. It’s within this predicament that Lapsis lies, a darkly comedic, grim sci-fi set far too close to the now for comfort.

Known for his ability to create detailed and vivid worlds for his characters to populate, director Noah Hutton didn’t need to venture too far from reality for this morally eerie dystopic adventure. Set in a revised New York, the film introduces the concept of “cablers”, unprotected gig workers laying miles and miles of cables, at the behest of investors and under the evil eye of Big Tech.

Lapsis follows the work of delivery man Ray Tincelli (played by Dean Imperial), drawn to the career path by the allure of the fast money he requires to support his sick younger brother. Before long, Ray realises that there’s a deeper, darker truth to the field of work he’s fallen into.

Both the pointed assessment of the gig economy and its timing given the current global dialogue opened up around it sees Lapsis hitting notably close to home, with Hollywood Reporter labeling it “a smart, class-conscious sci-fi parable.”

Set to hit cinemas on Thursday, 3rd June, Blunt Magazine in cahoots with Maslow Entertainment are giving away 5x double passes to catch a screening of your choice.


Entries are now open to Australian residents only. Entries close at 12am Monday 31st May.

To enter, simply answer this question:

‘Lapsis’ is set in an alternative version of which major North American city?

Using the subject line “Lapsis giveaway”, email your answer, a contact number and the Australian state/territory in which you live to [email protected].

Tickets will be delivered physically to the winners.

Terms & Conditions

Double-passes are valued at $46AUD each. Entries open 9am AEDT Monday, 17th May. Entries close 12am AEDT Monday 31st May. Winners to be notified by 5pm Tuesday, 1st June. Entries are open to Australian residents only. Entrants under 18 years of age must have parental or guardian approval to enter. ‘Lapsis’ is rated MA15+. Winners will be selected based on successfully following the competition mechanic and correct answer. Tickets will be valid for the duration of the ‘Lapsis’ cinematic release. Entrants’ personal information will not be stored by Blunt Mag.