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The Matrix Resurrections

The first trailer for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is here

You may have felt the presence of The Matrix Resurrections in the zeitgeist the past few days, what with a slick social campaign and all dropping this week. Now the bigger picture has been revealed with the first official trailer for the fourth instalment of the reality-warping epic dropping overnight, promising the return of our beloved Neo and Trinity as well as plenty of new editions to the fold.

The Matrix Resurrections will also feature Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, all performing under the watchful gaze of one half of The Matrix original creative team, Lana Wachowskis. We wouldn’t dare attempt to decode any of the potential plot points put forward with the trailer, as who knows wtf is going down but we can safely surmise the film will be set to the backdrop of Neo reconnecting with past and his reality after an extended period of disconnection.

It looks as though there’ll be plenty of commentary around the use of smartphones and our willingness to plug ourselves right back into The Matrix any chance we can get, which is a topic that’s bound to be exciting through the lens of bullet-time. We also get a sneak peak at Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson, the stand-in for Hugo Weaving’s iconic Agent Smith.

The Matrix Resurrections comes 22 years after the original trilogy wrapped up The Matrix Revolutions. Indeed, a fourth film in the franchise is a dream that we never thought would come true, only now it’s happening this December, hitting cinemas right in time for Christmas.