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Cop an extended free trial of doco streaming service DocPlay on us

Whether they’re holding a mirror up to reality, or opening a door through which we can escape it, documentaries have become one of the most effective and important means of storytelling. Whatever it is about the alchemy of talking heads and archival footage, with a dash of intrigue that has audiences gravitating to real-life tales like never before remains a mysterious topic worthy of its own series, but one thing we know for sure: Modern audiences are here for the facts.

Which is why we here at Blunt damn near tripped over ourselves at the opportunity to share with our beloved readers the chance to score an extended 45-day free trial of documentary streaming platform DocPlay, and all you have to do is click this link and sign up.

Seriously, that’s it – this link right here. BUT open it in another tab, as we’re not done talking about DocPlay just yet.

With categories including politics, art & culture, science & nature and sports just to name a few, DocPlay has curated a seemingly endless catalogue of real stories, establishing itself as a heaving hive of wisdom for Australian and New Zealand audiences hungry for knowledge.

Take for example a copious amount of Louis Theroux, important stories from the global LGBTIQ+ community and unmissable Australian films and series exploring our history and culture, with plenty of off beat, weird and whacky rabbit holes to fall down.

Here are some staff picks coming soon and currently live to get you started:

Slay The Dragon (2020)

“A secretive, high-tech gerrymandering initiative launched 10 years ago threatens to undermine our democracy. SLAY THE DRAGON follows everyday people as they fight to make their votes matter.”

Totally Under Control (2020)

“As the presidential election nears, Americans are increasingly enraged by a lack of clear leadership, endemic political corruption and left to wonder how did the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world manage to fail so thoroughly in its response to a global pandemic?”

#Unfit (2020)

“For the first time, mental health professionals go on the record, in an eye–opening, science–based assessment of the behavior and stability of Donald J. Trump”

Tickled (2016)

“Journalist David Farrier stumbles upon a mysterious tickling competition online. As he delves deeper he comes up against fierce resistance, but that doesn’t stop him getting to the bottom of a story stranger than fiction.”

Love Antosha (2016)

“Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, Love, Antosha explores the late actor’s successes and struggles through his journals, photography, original music, and interviews with his colleagues, including Chris Pine, Kristen Stewart, and Jennifer Lawrence.”

Go Back to Where You Came From (2011)

“Six Australians with strong opinions on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers embark upon a social experiment to live like refugees for 25 days.”

Now, time to get your learn on thanks to MadMan Films, DocPlay and your friendly neighbourhood Blunt Mag.